Careers with us

p2edit is a consulting and editing company. We aim to provide the best services to our clients to achieve the most publishable manuscript possible. Therefore, the services are tailored toward each individual client needs. The Editing Tracks services are 1) Manuscript Editing/Translating, 2) Manuscript Catalyst, 3) Manuscript Empowering and 4) Manuscript Ultra. The steps for each editing tracks are shown below.

Note : for manuscript submitted in English, the step “Translation from Thai to English” will be omitted.

The specific skill requirement in each step for the editor, translator, and reviewers are stated below:

Position Appointed Editing Track Step (depending on the category of editing) Skill requirement
Contract Editor Content Arrangement
Content Review
Provide recommendation to improve manuscript content
Provide 3-5 names of suitable journal listed in ISI or scopus or other databases requested by the customers
Provide cover letter
Provide names of reviewers if requested by the journal
Have knowledge of scientific journal article structure and flow
Able to rearrange the manuscript without changing the meaning or misconstrued the content
Must have the knowledge of the technical terms in the topic of the manuscript
Must have good English language editing skills
Must have a background in the field of the manuscript
Should have a PhD or a Master or be a PhD candidate in major universities from USA, UK, Australia, or New Zealand
Contract Translator Translation from Thai to English Able to translate Thai manuscript into grammatically correct English version
Able to edit the poor written English to be proper English
Must be Thai with good Thai-English translation experience
Head Editor Determine whether the manuscript needs translator if originally submitted in English (the manuscript is grammatically and structurally poor and unable to be edited by native-editor)
Assign Contract Translator and Contract Editor
Review the edited version from Contract Editor
If the original is in Thai, review for the congruency between Thai and English version
Must be fluent in both Thai and English
Must be in the field of the manuscript
Research-oriented and active in the field of the manuscript