Publication and

Patent Service

We provide affordable international standard editing and proofreading services for original research manuscripts intended for submission to academic research journals. Our editing services also span documents including research theses, research proposals, reviewed articles, and other academic and technical documents.


Individuals : Graduate students both master and doctoral levels, researchers, Teaching staff, students applying for scholarship and those interested to pursue study abroad

Institution : Those institution inspired to raise research productivities and publications. Also those intending to refine the language of research reports, research proposals and other related materials.


Who translates/edits your work?

Our contract editors come from leading universities mainly from the United States of America. Our contract translators are experienced with translating Thai to English in academic fields.


Editing tracks

Language editing with content review and recommendation of journal to be submitted for publication. Cover letter writing and Reviewer suggestion.


Careers with us

p2edit is a consulting and editing company. We aim to provide the best services to our clients to achieve the most publishable manuscript possible. Therefore, the services are tailored toward each individual client needs. The Editing Tracks services are 1) Manuscript Editing/Translating, 2) Manuscript Catalyst, 3) Manuscript Empowering and 4) Manuscript Ultra. The steps for each editing tracks are shown below.